Cubase 13 UI slowing down

I loaded an instance of Current, and some of the presets causes my screen and meters to basically come to a halt. I haven’t figured out what is specifically causing this, maybe they are a bit heavy on the CPU, but my meters basically update once every 5-10 seconds and the screen seems to stutter. I saw that someone else had this is Morph EQ, it seems to be in Current also. Next time it happens, I will make note of the preset or what my settings were.

Windows 11, Cubase 13 Pro, 64 gb ram, 2021 i7 chip


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thanks @tripleB – we’re aware of this on cubase and once we solve some other crashes we’ll be looking into it further!


Thanks, glad to hear that you are aware and working on it. Kind of hard to use Current if this keeps happening, but I do love it!

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It happens in studio one too.
As soon as you start building a patch up the interface becomes very sluggish. During playback it’s even impossible to close the UI as long as it keeps playing (and it retroactively closes upon stopping playback).
Control interfaces such as Faderport aren’t responsive as soon as you play the song, and the control doesn’t respond as long as Current’s UI is opened.

The overall capabilities of Current are very attractive but its sluggishness completely disrupt my workflow and it’s a shame that this issue happens on last gen specs.

If a 4080 doesn’t handle just a dozen tracks and Current with low framerate I don’t really know what to think, I’ll just keep paying for the plan as a gesture of trust (I already own Rift perpetual license and the synth was the only other thing I was looking into at the moment) hoping you guys fix this.

@tapekiller @tripleB can I send you a build with an option to enable OpenGL to see if it helps?

DM me your email if you don’t want me to use the one you used when signing up to the forum.

We’re looking into some graphics optimizations in as well!

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@ben.minimal hi, I’m actually out of town for a few weeks. I can try when I get back but it won’t be until the end of January.

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I am in a very similar situation. It is true that I found several patents for these ailments, but these are very temporary measures. And I’m looking forward to solving the problem.

We’re going to start rolling out updates with an option to enable OpenGL this week. This has resolved this issue for a few people experiencing it with Current on Windows.

Shoot me a DM if you want the Current installer with this option :slight_smile:

Hi, for some reason I can’t find this post in the Discord server app, only on the web with direct link. I can’t send you a DM?? Discord can be weird. I just got back this week. Please send me the link for the new version unless it is now public.


hey @tripleB – you should be able to download all the updated with openGL via your account pages now!



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It seems to be a problem all plugins / synths are sharing. I’ve some plugins like MorphEQ and have the same issues - sometimes, settings the framerate to the slowest, if helps. With MorphEQ, it doesn’t. Thats why I’ve stopped using this plugins and that’s the reason I don’t buy Current, which is definitly a nice synth…

Okay - with the latest update and the ability enable “OpenGL”, the problems with MorphEQ are gone :sunglasses: Now checking out the other plugins…