Current as a standalone plugin?

Vital is, by far, the synth I understand and enjoy the workflow of the most in my arsenal. I owe all of this to the fact that I could be doing literally anything, from watching youtube to writing a forum post, and just open it up and throw together a preset in like 3 minutes WITHOUT having to open it in a DAW first. It makes my workflow so much faster when I eventually have time to hop into my DAW because I’ll already have a bunch of presets I made just throughout my day. This is also a feature I love about Pigments.

Current is well on track to become my new workhorse synth for sound design, I love how it sounds, I love its modulation possibilities, its effects, etc. But if I could request only ONE addition to it, it would be the inclusion of a standalone version of the plugin. Not only would I be able to learn the synth faster and make quick presets on the go like I do with Vital, but I would be able to browse sounds on Stream with much more ease.

Does anybody else know if this is a feature they plan to add to Current already? Feel free to share your own thoughts/feelings on this topic also!


Yeah, standalone application would be also very handy indeed!

We can add standalone! We develop it in standalone most often but we weren’t aware people were using them In standalone. It might not happen until we’re finished converting to RTO cause we’d need to make it a little prettier but 100% no problem.

Thank you!


No worries at all, super excited for everything to come together!

You guys have done a great job this past week, thank you for standing by and doing right by your community despite having to hear some pretty nasty shit from a lot of people. I’m so excited to see where you guys take this product next!


Just want to add my vouch to this idea, I have the same positive experience using Vital’s standalone. I constantly open Vital standalone to make presets while waiting in lobbies while playing video games. It’s such a great way to hone my sound design skills quickly and easily without having to open up my DAW! Would definitely love a standalone version.


A decent workaround on macOS is Larry Taylor’s Standalone host:

Standalone Host

Scroll down the page until you find the installer. Works great without losing any of Current’s features.