Current crashing issue

I know this may have already been reported, but just in case, let me report it here.

When current is launched on FL Studio, there is a high probability of crashes.
In particular, moving the mouse cursor during startup causes FL Studio to exit without displaying any logs.
It has been occurring all the way from FL 21.1 to the latest 21.2.
Below are some of the contents of the log.

FL Studio ( [64Bit] r37347 has encountered an error and needs to restart.

OS Version:
Windows 11 (Version 22H2, OS Build 22621.2428, 64-bit Edition)

Access violation at address 00007FFA68A2B131 in module ‘Current.vst3’. Read of address 0000000000302DFF

00007FFA58680000:00007FFA58F2B131: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA58F29218: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA5976E398: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA5976CD8A: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA598E3F8D: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA598E6D4E: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA59598573: Current.vst3
00007FFA58680000:00007FFA59598147: Current.vst3
00007FFB454C0000:00007FFB454D8241: USER32.dll
00007FFB454C0000:00007FFB454D7D01: USER32.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B78D19A: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B78D208: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B786718: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B733EC3: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B6D7235: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B6D6188: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006BDF4305: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006BDF467B: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B78D88A: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006B78D6EB: FLEngine_x64.dll
000000006B240000:000000006BF65D2D: FLEngine_x64.dll
00007FF70CF10000:00007FF70D1E2E80: FL64.exe
00007FF70CF10000:00007FF70D1E3086: FL64.exe
00007FF70CF10000:00007FF70CF40976: FL64.exe
00007FFB462B0000:00007FFB462C257D: KERNEL32.DLL
00007FFB476B0000:00007FFB4770AA78: ntdll.dll

Hey, thanks for reaching out about this. We actually have not heard about this yet.

Would it be possible for you share a video of this? I haven’t gotten any crashes on my Windows 11 machine on FL so far.

This has been fixed and it will be in the next update. Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for the confirmation! We look forward to your update!