Current - Feedback and Feature Requests

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for being active here and interacting with the community. I’ve not seen any “official” feature request and feedback thread. Would be neat to see what’s already been discussed so you’re not bombarded with same questions over and over and peoples could also find your response to it more easily?

From the top of my head here are the most important for me:

  • Smaller decimal values displayed like 49.08% instead of just 49% (this could be turned on optional)

  • Improved LFO (S+H, S+H glide, delay start - also for curve)

  • Modulation matrix like vital (with a limited number of modulators there could be unlimited modulation options and shapes + the ability to scale log. or exp.)

  • Shared preset folder for internal and external FX (ability to load the same delay or fuse presets you saved inside current outside current or vice versa)

  • Increase the size of the “modulation assign drag zone” to the whole rectangle where the modulation shape is displayed and not only the tiny circle (for the ones of us who are a bit jittery)

  • Shift + click on modulation amount to delete modulation (less clicks - more booom)

  • Arp chromatic mode

  • Display FX in list (not a grid person. is it you i’m looking for?)

  • wavetable editor

  • FX section per voice (i know, that’s slightly out there. would probably tear holes in the fabric of space and time so proceed with caution)

  • Stereo modulatIion

  • Ability to change oscillator categorie (e.g change sub or sample to wavetable - can’t have enough complex oscillators or granular madness)

  • Filter send level to FX

  • Continuously morphable filters (some filter types e.g barber or flutter have the same shape at 0% morph like on 100% yet when fully modulated with a ramp down LFO shape 0.66 they still click. The external hybrid filter also behaves like this when modulated from the DAW)

Current is such an amazing f’n synth! I’ve used it so much already and know i’ve barely scratched the surface. It’s fun and inspiring to work with. Very much looking forward what you guys are coming up with… no pressure at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you and all the best!

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With the sampler it would be great if the loop point could be different from the start point, so you could play the beginning of the sample then loop a bit further on in the sample.
Retrigger options etc.
Kind regards

Is this different from clicking the “Link” button on the sampler? When off, the start and loop start can be different.

Thanks @ifso!

I’ve made a note of these. Some of them are already happening or other people have mentioned.

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Hi Ben,
Just tried tonight & it works perfectly.
Kind regards