Current - good synth, bad presets

I really like synth itself. It has amazing capabilities. Probably one of the best on the market.

But presets… There’s no presets. Not for EDM, not for Techno, Melodic Techno, Trance. From my point of view all presets are useless. Weird. Overcomplicated. Too “granular”. It’s like Minimal Audio tried to make hipster’s synth. The weirder the better.

Well, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Lo-Fi, DNB, Ambient - i understand fans of these genres will find many interesting presets and sounds for them.

For the rest - not so much.

That’s a dealbreaker for me.

Any chance for new preset packs for EDM producers during my 30-day trial period?

@Evanduril I’m sure MA will release content specific to your taste, but it’s a really, really easy synth to dial in some very interesting things with. If you haven’t checked this out, I’d highly recommend it:

I have ANA 2, Spire, Serum, Sylenth, Phase Plant, Vital, Diva, Surge XT, Rapid, Proclethya - all bought, free or subscribed.

So the only reason for me to get another synth are presets :slight_smile: I believe that Current might be the go-to synth, but only if it allows me to get where i want faster. This means - quality presets for my genre.

Gotcha! I have faith that MA will have a flood of content for all sorts of genres given some time.

You didn’t list any romplers, so you might want to also look into Nexus and Avenger in the interim.

Thanks! Yeah we have over 1k more presets to release in the coming weeks, obviously we had a large business model pivot during launch which has held some stuff up, but we’ll be starting to release new packs regularly as soon as we’re back on track.

The initial preset library I’ll admit is pretty complicated patches meant to show the versatility of the synth, we plan to make patches hitting all genres of music though! It will take a bit but a year from now there will thousands of presets inside Current : )


From what little bit I’ve gotten to dig in, Current is an absolute powerhouse under the hood. It’s so, so fast, intuitive, and easy to create a patch from scratch. Couple that with your ecosystem of presets and it will become the standard by which other synths are measured. Other manufacturers should take note, 100%.


If that’s your situation, why not just buy preset packs for the synths you already have? For what it’s worth, though, I think Current’s flexibility should make it relatively easy to produce solid sounds: one idea might be to try to recreate your favorite presets from other synths in Current, and then see how you can tweak or perfect them using Current’s unique effects and workflow. Either way, I think there will be new presets going soon, from Minimal themselves without a doubt, and further down the road maybe from 3rd party designers too. Happy producing!


I had Avenger via rent-to-own but decided i don’t need it and it’s better to wait for Avenger 2, which i will definitely buy :slight_smile: Nexus has absurdly expensive packs and it cannot do anything more than synths i already own.

I have also tons of presets and preset packs for synth i already own. I’m just looking for something extra, and i think Current can provide that. With new presets :wink:

I understand the reason why Current went live with that kind of attitute Jake mentioned, although it’s double-sided blade :wink:

Sounds like you’ve done your due diligence! Current will not disappoint, imho. :slightly_smiling_face:

obviously its subjective but man i could not disagree more, I absoluletly love how much depth these presets have, I think theyre some of the highest quality presets ive heard in any synth, too your point though I do think itd be nice to have some more simplistic presets as well, it does feel like almost EVERY preset is this ultra-modular complex sequence rather than some more simple just stabs and such, but full disclosure I also havent gone through the entire library yet

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Are there any plans for a potential community library, something like Shaperbox has mixed with what Vital has, where we could upload presets both for free and paid, into the stream for people to purchase/download all directly in the synth, I think that would be a really cool way to build a community around the synth, as well as give artists and sound designers a revenue stream opportunity in which minimal would also benefit from by being able to take a cut. But at the least a sort of community library where you can just choose to make a preset publicly downloadable, would be really cool.

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This is what I’m talking about :point_up_2:

any chance of a third party market place of presets within Current?

heavy chances of third party marketplace


Well ask for more feedback on ideas and share what were thinking for it once we get things wrapped up, today we’re gonna take current off the site for a bit while we re-architect some stuff on the backend for perpetual expansions etc


Additional wavetables would stay only as additional content or some time in future we could make our own?

you can currently make your own wavetables, you can drop existing wavetables in, or there are 3 options for slicing tables.

we’re currently adding better for support for user packs of wavetables & samples, that will be in an update soon. – the factory content will include around 170 wavetables, then the future packs will be expansions.

Perpetual licenses will come with a free year of all access though so there will be plenty of time to demo and use stuff before needing to make any decisions if you go perpetual.


I like the presets, but as has been mentioned before they’re all in your face and don’t necessarily play well together. We really need some more bread and butter presets- not too flashy but sit well in a mix.