Current: how to remove downloaded sample packs

I downloaded some full sample packs and noticed that they are taking up quite a bit of space on my internal drive. I can’t find a way to remove downloaded samples from within Current. Should I just delete all the files from the Application Support>Minimal>Current>Factory>Samples folder?

Hey! The only way to do this right now is sample by sample, which isn’t really feasible for entire packs. You can right click on the sample in the Stream to bring up the option to remove it.

We’re going to be adding better file management so you can do this and add your own folders of content in one of the next updates, so you should be able to do this in a few weeks.

If you delete the Factory/Samples folder then the samples will still show up in Current, and clicking on them will re-download them, so I’d wait until there’s a proper way to do this.

Another option @evo2slo is to delete both the /Factory folder & the minimal.db file. That will remove all content from current and you can start fresh. You won’t have the default content anymore, but it should be pretty easy to just go in and download only the wavetables & presets you want. That way – only the samples required by the presets you download will be downloaded as well.

Also to be clear – current should be closed when you delete those file.

Thanks for the help. I’ve already made some AMAZING sounding patches with my own content, in addition to Minimal’s content, so I think I’ll just wait for the update to delete the unused sound pack content. Please try to make it possible to move the Minimal sound packs to an external drive. It’s an incredible synth, good luck with the RTO shift!

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+1 on the possibility of being able to move content to an external SSD. That would be super helpful!