Current - Lock Sample Tuning Setting + Layout Toggle / Alt View

I’ve noticed all the noise samples included are setup to be key tracking by default in the sampler within Current, but it would be nice to be able to lock the setting to say Fixed even when browsing different samples. I read in the manual under the sampler “This setting is automatically configured when loading samples downloaded from the STREAM”. Sometimes I just want to try out different flavours of noise once I’m deeper into the patch creation process, and it’s rather cumbersome / painful having to open a small menu and set it back to fixed every single time.

Side request that’s totally irrelevant to the one mentioned above and somewhat less important:

Please create an expanded Engine page so there are no more tabs, or at least less of them. I really like the layout of each module, but I’m finding the workflow to be a lot of switching tabs back and forth. It always feels like so much of my patch is always hidden behind tab. Working within the effects section is also rather cumbersome once the visual impressiveness wears off. It’s great that it is just the fully featured plugins within each effect slot, but if there could be a mode where it collapses everything down to just knobs to allow easy tweaking of the effects without having to switch to a different tab each time I’d really prefer that 90% of the time. Right now it seems all designed to look amazing, but the layout of the synth isn’t what I would call workflow friendly.

If it could somehow be just 2 or 3 main tabs for the whole synth including effects I’d probably start using this as my go to default synth in my templates. If there needed to be one or 2 side tabs like for the granulator I get that. But as of right now there are 2 main pages with 3+2 separate tabs on the engine page, and sort of 9 tabs in the effects section. Not sure if this has been pointed out but there is a total of 15 unique and different ways the synth can be configured. Each of the 15 ways showing a different set of modules / controls with not a lot of overlap between controls on each configuration (assuming all effect slots are used). To change anything it always feels like I’m moving to a new tab, which is just really slow and not fun to play around and experiment within. I’ll add that this frustration continues with the way the ADSR, ENV, LFO’s, Tuning, Arps, etc. section layout is configured.

I really think this could be my next main / daily driver synth. Sound quality is incredible. It has the feature set I want in a synth. Looking forward to seeing how this synth develops over the next little bit and hope this helps towards that development

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

We’re going to add the ability to right click and lock any of the controls that update when changing the sample. When locked, the setting will not be changed.

We could also add a global setting do disable this behavior across all instances of Current. Would you prefer that?

A total redesign of the UI is probably not going to happen anytime soon, but I appreciate your thoughts on the workflow. We decided to break things up into easier to digest panels so that each module is clear and things do not feel overwhelming.

We’ve talked about being able to pop any module out into its own window so that it would be possible to always show whatever it is you’re currently focused on. Do you think that would help?

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