Current - Mouse Wheel Scrolling Is Not Targeting the Correct Position

Hi, I am having trouble with mouse wheel scrolling in Current. The position that is actually scrolled is not under the cursor. For example in the preset browser I get the following behavior:
-Left side of left column scrolls left column
-Middle of left column scrolls nothing
-Right side of left column scrolls right column
-Left side of right column scrolls right column
-Middle and right side of right column scroll nothing.

There are similar issues with the wavetable and sample browsers.

In addition, scrolling on a knob does not adjust that knob, but scrolling a bit up and quite a bit to the left from the knob will. Interestingly the knobs in the Filter and FM sections work correctly.

Bitwig 5.1, Windows 11, 125% Windows interface scaling.

thanks @Sylnox does this not happen when the interface isn’t scaled up? Trying to determine if the bug is in the rescaling code.

Hey Jake, it works fine at 100% so it appears to be a rescaling thing. Mouse clicks work either way so the issue is specific to scrolling. I can set it to 100% for now, I just had it at 125% because that’s the recommended/default for my laptop (which seems to be pretty common for Windows laptops for whatever reason).

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