Current - Presets take long time 3-5sec to load


current in the Demo Version of Current to test it out.

So far brillant synth and almost want to buy it BUT

If I switch between the presets it blocks my Ableton Live 11 und 12 Beta and a brand new MBP M3Pro with loads of 32GB and 2 TB SSD with much left avail, CPU is on 13% average, on every switch between 3-5 seconds, so I can do absolutly nothing else, as well the Rainbow Wheel shows up every time on the switch.

And as Current is the only VST causing any issues, it is for sure not realted to my hardware setup.

And it as well does not matter if this is a simple preset oder a very massive one with wavetable etc.

Anyone has an idea?

Oliver Costa

Hey @ocsta – we’ve had this report from a few people using the VST3 version but it not happening on the VST version – I believe it has something to do with the audio engine stopping from the DAW which stops our fadeouts from happening in a timely manner. – Would you be willing to post a video? It’s definitely not the typical behavior, thanks for reporting!

Hello, yes VST 2 is working without any issues AU and VST 3 cause a heavy load time.

Is this a Ableton realted issue, or an general issue as well in Logic? Any Fix in the Pipe?

Thanks for the help so far!


@ocsta just to verify are you on windows?

We’ll dig into it – it doesn’t present itself on Mac so it appears to be some sort of windows VST3 related issue.

MAC OS Sonoma - latest Mac Book Pro M3 - Ableton Live 12 - AU und VST3 long wait.
VST 2 works perfect fast

okay got it – I’ll update to Sonoma today and check it out!