Current relaunch - what can we expect as the transition from Subscription to either RTO or a perpetual license?

As an early adopter of Current, I signed up shortly after launch for the 30-day trial. For me, that ends on 11/11/23. What is the transition going to be from an initial subscription to either RTO or a perpetual license? Will end users need to cancel anything on their end for the relaunch of Current or is Minimal Audio handling this? Curious minds would like to know so we can plan accordingly.


Thanks for checking in, we’re going to release a ton of information this week and give current users the ability to swap plans starting tomorrow hopefully.

In terms of the change over, if you check on your /account on the website, there’s a new tab called overview which provides more information. All plans have already converted to RTO, we’re just working on the updated version of Current which allows searching via credited things you own etc.

When switching to perpetual, you can simply cancel the all access RTO & choose perpetual. There will be a 30% discount available for people who currently own all the effects. The 30 day free trials from RTO will be removed, and there will be a new payment free 30 day free trial which blocks offline rendering & bulk download, otherwise it’s the same.

More info, final pricing & options etc are coming soon!


Thanks for the info, Jake!