Current relaunch

It’s happening. :smile:



lol thanks!

yes we’re almost there – it’s actually quite slick. We’ve got everyone user accounts synced up so you can see the packs you own, vs the ones you have available on all-access, vs the ones that are locked if you go full perpetual. When you purchase packs on the site, they’ll Auto Unlock inside of Current if you’re on the perpetual license. We won’t have all the packs online for the re-launch, but then we’ll put them up ASAP after.

If you all have any more suggestions please feel free to share. The final plans are going to be pretty awesome, we’re excited to share!


It sounds like a tremendous amount of rework, but the effort sounds fantastic! The content delivery system is straightforward and sounds very easy to use.

All of the transparency with this process and the sweetness that is Current, really makes Minimal Audio the standard of what synth makers should aspire to be.

I wish you guys the most brilliant future and I, for one, am grateful to be along for the ride!

Exciting times, for certain!

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I got a question… I got the All Access 15 a month sub and stuff but how do i get the standalone effects? maybe i miss understood something?

Check your ‘Downloads’ section of your website profile. There should be 3 effects in there right now. Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll need to register them the first time you open them in your DAW. MA will be adding more effects soon.

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i checked the downloads and uuhh the only thing there is (Current) Im still on the free trial though is that the issue the 3 aren’t there :frowning:

Yep, that might be it. I’m on All Access. Someone from MA should be able to confirm this, although I bet they are swamped right now! :slightly_smiling_face:

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alrighty Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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The individual Current effect plugins aren’t included in the free trial right now, but we’re probably going to add them soon since its caused some confusion. You can of course use all of them inside of Current’s effect rack while trialing, though.

Also, not all the effects exist as individual plugins yet, but we’ll start adding them to the All Access accounts and offering them for perpetual purchase in the coming weeks!

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ok, i hope im able to download the 3 effects when the Free Trial is over ;(

Hello, Ben!

I have a question, but I can’t even ask it properly. What should I do in a situation where I need to put a vst plugin of an external effect (in my case reason rack scream 4 distortion) into the effects chain, and after that vst use one of the internal effects (e.g. Morph EQ) with using the mod curves of a Current’s patch? Because if I use the standalone version of Morph EQ, it doesn’t have the modulation system and LFOs. I hope you understand what I mean!

I can suggest three ways to solve this problem. First, you can make an effect version of Current (like Serum FX plugin). But such a solution reduces value of VST versions of your effects. Second, you can add an intelligent link between Current and standalone effects (like the Scaler follow function). This is something unique and adds value to your system and standalone effects. Third, you can make another plugin, an effects rack, that has its own modulation curves, midi/audio input and uses only standalone versions of your effects. This is a smart decision, because effect racks like shaperbox can add a lot of new features and more value to your products.

What are your thoughts on this? Could you please share if you have any discussions on similar ideas?

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I can add trial effect licenses to your account. Can you DM me your account email?

As soon as you’re on the All Access plan you’ll have full access to them.

Right now there’s no way to do this but we are hoping to add an effect rack version of Current. We’ll need to figure out how to only allow access to the effects that each user owns to address the issue you mentioned.

I’m tempted to add it to the All Access plan sooner but doing things like that has not worked out for us so far lol