Current: Sample embedding question


I’m a bit confused how the sample embedding feature works in Current. It’s a real bug-bear of mine when synths only store a link to user samples rather than embedding them (because if you move the sample the patch no longer finds it). I much prefer it when a synth offers to embed the sample within your session, so when you save the project in your DAW you know the sample will still be in the song even if you delete it from disk. Current seems to offer something along these lines but it seems to have a few gotchas I’m trying to get my head around…

I tried creating a simple patch and dragged a user sample into the Sample oscillator then saved the DAW project. If I delete the sample from disk then reload the project the sample can’t be found.

However… you DO get the option to embed samples in saved presets. So before saving the project I first saved my preset, choosing to embed the sample. When I then saved my DAW project and deleted the sample from disk it reloaded fine.

Then… if I even deleted the Current user preset (the XML file which I can see contains the embedded sample data) the DAW project STILL loaded fine.

So it seems if you save your preset first and embed the sample, then save your DAW project, it saves the embedded sample in your DAW project - and you can still delete the user preset and the DAW still has an embedded version. Or am I mistaken?

Ideally, could we simply have an option as well to embed samples in your DAW project irrespective of whether you have first saved (and embedded) a user preset? Personally I’d turn this on and never turn it off (although I know other people have a different opinion on this, so an option would be best probably). Ideally, could there also be an indicator on the Sample oscillator to clearly show that the sample is indeed embedded, so you don’t think it is but find out later that it wasn’t?


+1 I would also like an option to embed samples without saving a patch.

Okay for sure – we can enable that behavior by default. It’s mean to just keep memory usage low until you explicitly tell it to embed the sounds – but it seems reasonable you might want that to just be default since people seem to be used to their session projects being quite large.