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Jake. Appreciate your explanation. Sorry doesn’t really work unless you offer change. Read the room. Subscription models simply are not popular. I’ve discussed this with a range of people working in this industry and no-one sees this as a positive or will subscribe. People keep mentioning Waves on this forum and Current YouTube clips, that’s because people are seeing Minimal Audio in the same way. Dangerous territory. Hopefully you see this will not work and offer an alternative. Not only will people refuse to subscribe, they’ll walk altogether. Many many Waves users are unsubscribing from their email mail-outs. Ask them.

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Does minimal audio really think they are sitting on a goldmine or something? :joy:
These plugin companies with a small smattering of unoriginal plugins with shiny GUIs are a dime a dozen and growing every year cos its so simple and easy to be a software dev compared to any real world work.

Current (btw who the hell named it “current”?!, has to be the least inspired thing imaginable, a korean 10yr old attempts a silly play on words is what comes to mind) is just a limp regurgitation of Serum, Vital, Pigments etc.,
The only difference is I dont want to wait 4 years and spend 800$ a year on you guys faffing around trying to become topend instrument devs attempting to make it as good or better than Serum.

Everyone would understand if you were the only player in the game, but its so far from that its laughable, Current is as lame as the name it has. this is just minimal audio trying to fluff up their catalogue “look we have a wavetable synth too! please pay attention to us”

Good luck fending off the unhappy potential and existing customers for another few months until you spin 180deg on this cash grab attempt or close shop, cheers.

well done doing something half-original with the morph eq, but nah i think id rather automate ProQ cos its 50x the equalizer morph is

Hey I just wanted to come around to tell you, Minimal Audio, that I’m a bit sad that you’re wasting your reputation with this marketing move rn. I always love using Feedback Lite and Filter Lite and sometimes also MorphEQ on tons of my stuff. I generally think that you’re innovators in the realm of VST development. But I think now people will be sceptical about your good intentions to just make sick software and will have to think of that everytime one of your plugins pops up somewhere. I hope you can recover well from the backlash and find a good compromise between a feasable business decision and something mostly everyone can agree with

Are you OK? You seem irrationally vitriolic and upset. Hope you get some sense of perspective and feel better soon.

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Hey everyone,

Apologies for this and the radio silence. We spent the last day coming up with a proposal that (hopefully) addresses these issues.

Please take a look at this video and the description below for all the details.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and frustration with us. As painful as it has been we really appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten around Current’s launch. Here’s what we’re planning on doing to make it right.

Remove the subscription and offer both one-time purchase options and rent-to-own options for Current and everything inside of it.

Here is how we think it will work:

  1. Perpetual Product Options

Purchase any product or content pack individually.

  • Current instrument with integrated effect rack (all effects) and basic content ($200)
  • Individual Current preset & wavetable packs (price TBD, but these will be available at a reasonable cost)
  • Individual Current effect rack plugins will continue with the $49 per effect
  • Sound packs can be purchased individually as they are on our website

  1. “All Access” Rent-To-Own:

A monthly or yearly payment with everything we have to offer. The full integrated vision.

Customers will receive credit equal to their subscription spending after a year of payment, which can be used to purchase any perpetual products of their choosing. All content will have a perpetual option, including the content packs.

Rent-To-Own Plans:

$15 / month
$120 / year


  • Current instrument with integrated effect rack (all effects) and basic content
  • Current Stream access with unlimited downloads
  • All individual Current effects as standalone plugins
  • Everything that we add to Current

Thank you for listening to the community and coming up with a solution that seems to work in everyone’s favor. Simply put, we love you, Minimal. We want to see you succeed and this seems like a great way for that to happen. Much love and thanks again for listening :heart:


Thanks Ben, it takes guts and courage to make such a video! Really appreciated! I think it’s a great response. What I don’t get is the integration of minimal plugins inside current. I got all other plugins from you… is this going to be unlocked then for me inside current too? Or do they have to be unlocked (purchased) separately. So you have a cluster VST3 and a cluster current version?!?!

Again. Thanks and much love for the minimal audio family!

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I think maybe there would be nice to see some loyalty personal discount system for example if you already purchased and have any Minimal Audio FX plugins then some sort of discount applies to Current perpetual licence purchase. The more you have already plugins purchased - the bigger the discount. Otherwise it feels a little bit bummer that if I already have Rift, Morph EQ, Delay or any other plugin - that I need to pay again for them to use in the Current if I pay full price for this synth… And would be great to see some intro price offer as well. So the customer feels that he is well treated.

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Thanks for listening Ben. We all just want the best for us as musicians and music producers and Minimal audio as a successful and sustaining company. A brave and well-respected response.

Echoing another reader’s response, will the FX inside Current be free to those who have already purchased? Think this would result in a purchase from me.

Best wishes

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Under the perpetual scheme, do you have any sense of what your “new version” upgrade charges will be for previous version owners?

Under perpetual or RTO scheme, will there be a discount for current owners of your other tools?

Will all Current FX rack plugins also get released as seperate VSTs?

For example the reverb module?

I haven’t had a chance to fully A/B Current with Pigments/Vital/Serum/Phaseplant, but I have been able to try it out and I must say that it is a very well designed synth. The GUI and workflow are as professional as I would expect from Minimal Audio. It’s a sheer joy to explore it as a sound designer and can get deep really quickly. For the folks that are less interested in sound design and just want to play, it’s responsive and the preset management is very good. Overall, it sounds really, really good and I can tell a lot of love went into creating it!

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Hey @David

Looks like we weren’t clear about this.

Every existing effect, sound engine, and modulator, inside of Current will be included for users regardless of how they paid for it or if they own the effects already.

The effects will continue to be available to purchase individually as well, which has always been the plan.

I just updated the original description above as well.


Hey, see my response above about this. We weren’t clear about that!

@ben.minimal Good on the team for the pivot for what is surely to be an outstanding product!

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EDIT: it is possible that we will charge for updates on the perpetual plan, but only for major new modules.

Regarding the RTO, no there will not be a discount on it, but naturally if you already own some of our effects then you won’t need to spend credits on them to own them. We’re planning on adding all of the unreleased effects in Current (5 of them), as standalone plugins in the RTO plan as well.

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Yep, the Reverb will probably be first. See the above comment for a bit more info.

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This is really great, having all your effects inside a good synth, but also as seperate fx. I am not in the need of a new synth, even though yours looks very interesting, but I will definitely keep watching for your effects and get them if they are as good as your previous ones. Thanks for listening to the feedback and changing the price concept.


@ben.minimal Regarding wavetables and presets - so for example if I am on free trial or on RTO subscription - does wavetables and presets which I downloaded will still be available if I for example buy perpetual Current and cancel RTO or trial?

P.S. I hope there will be plenty of wavetables and presets already packed in 200$ base product. Because Xfer Serum, KV331 SynthMaster, Reveal Spire or NI Massive X have bundled their synths with lots of presets and wavetables by default. Otherwise if there will be included very limited content - the value for 200$ is very steep especially after your statements regarding 800$ value of Current and overall very negative launch of this product. Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas are coming, and I hope there will be some really good intro price offer as well for Current…