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From my perspective:
The synth looks interesting, but as as owner of Rift, MorphEQ, ClusterDelay I wonder why I should pay for having all the plugins I already own put into one synth. It may be a bit more comfortable and there are also some other features built in, but somehow it feels unnecessary to buy considering I have paid some money for exact the same features already. Feels like a product that one really benefits when not owning Minimal Audio tools already.

I think I will just keep using Serum together with my Minimal Audio plugins. I don’t even know if I will demo it, because subscription only is a move that I didn’t expect by Minimal Audio and I really hope you reconsider this as soon as possible. Somehow disappointed about this and makes me wonder about further evolution of Minimal Audio.

Can you leave some words about this? Do we have to expect more subscription only models from Minimal Audio?

Will other effects built inside Current like the reverb get released as single products?



As another owner of all the minimal audio plugins, I’m here to voice my opinion. I agree wholeheartedly. The subscription model was a smack in the face, and the lack of any loyalty offer adds insult to injury.


I really hope you reconsider this Subscription only model. I have been a huge fan ever since I tried your first plugin, and I’ve bought all of them until today. Waves tried going subscription only and it backfired. I think you will find that most of your hard core fans will be upset with this. Thank you for your time, I hope you reconsider. Please don’t forget the people that, through their purchases, helped support Minimal Audio from it’s inception.


So bad yep…
I never buy plugins by subscription, I don’t like it at all.
I pass…
Too bad, the synth looks crazy.
Sort of Pigments x Serum, with Minimal Audio special sauce.
(the modulation control bar looks like a lot to Pigments, personnally I love this thing on Pigments, so why not…)


Unfortunately, I have to agree with this.
I’ve been a fan of everything you guys did since the very first rift, insta-bought every product regardless of whether it was a necessary tool in my arsenal or not.
I will probably have to wait on this one (at least until the war in israel ends haha).

This is the first time I’m holding myself back.
This is a wholehearted loving feedback.
I hope that whatever choice you guys take will support you in keeping minimal audio going in the long run.

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I say this with love:

To echo everyone else (and apparently the entire community at large - see the comments from any YouTube video promoting or reviewing Current), the subscription-only option is a no-go.

It would really behoove you to create an option for subscription. Perhaps a version of the plug-in without Stream and/or that only allows access to the plugins like Morph, Cluster etc that the customer also owns. I hear you that “the value is there”, but what I hear is “we’re worried about losing money if we don’t do this.” I’m just expressing my incompletely informed opinion and belief that if you leave it as a subscription-only model, you will DEFINITELY be losing money. Between $120-180/year ($600-900 over 5 years) simply isn’t going to be justified by most people.

If you make an option to buy outright or even rent-to-own with limited features, you will likely have mass-adoption because you’ve obviously made something extremely valuable, but if not, you’re just pissing in the Cheerios of those that, rightly or wrongly, don’t want and didn’t expect such a move from you and whom don’t share the sentiment that “the value is there”.


Subscription-based software works only if your application is a must-have like Photoshop. You’re releasing a software synth into a market that has no shortage of choice. Current would have to stand head and shoulders above everything else to justify a subscription scheme. Is it better than Vital (which is free)? Is it better than Serum (which is less than $200 and even offers a rent-to-own payment plan)?

I hope you reconsider this move. As you’re starting to discover, it is not being well-received.


Absolutely agree with everyone else’s frustrations here. Waves almost died trying the subscription-only route. I too have spent a bunch of cash buying Minimal Audio plugins, love them to bits, use them in just about every musical project now. Don’t make me pay for a plugin that contains all of the plugins I’ve already paid for. Makes no sense at all! I’d be happy to consider a one-off fee for this synth, like I have with all of the other plugins… I will not be paying a subscription and, as with Waves, will seriously consider whether I continue to work with a company forcing its existing users down a route they have no desire following. Don’t do it Minimal.


I’m new to minimal as I just found out about this new synth and was looking to purchase the vst.
Realising that its only subscription mode has stopped me from purchasing it, please come up with a purchasable version.


Just to add the other replies, I’m the same - and I own most of MA’s stuff.

They had me at “new synth”.
They lost me at “subscription only”.

Serum cost me $180 eight years ago. I still use it regularly and I’ve still only paid $180 for it.
In the same period I would have paid nearly $1000 for Current at the cheapest price.

Good luck with that one, MA.
Shame too as it looks pretty cool.


Its a shame that you are trying this sub only method! Wouldn`t it be better to let us buy the synth and use the “stream” for microtransactions if you want more add-ons? And why did I have bought every Plugin if you I have to subscribe it again? Seriously.

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Since they write on Twitter or whatever instead of answering their customers here directly (not showing up in the forum on release day - LOL), we could try to interpret what that post means.

“big update anyways” … hmm… subscription only for the whole catalogue? Another sick flagship product for only 10€ a month? More samples?

Looking forward.

Hey everyone, Jake from Minimal Audio here. I’m sorry to see that we have upset so many of our customers as well as friends.

Unfortunately, there has been a strong reaction to Current’s pricing, as well as a lot of misinformation regarding the intention and future direction of the company. It’s a bummer because that’s not the community that we’re trying to foster.

I just want to be clear that since the start of Minimal Audio, what we have been building is Current. Our aim for Current is a limitless ecosystem that delivers an incredible value for everyone, with a low barrier of entry, which we can continue to expand upon.

For transparency, we will continue to release standalone products which will also be a available inside of Current. All of your perpetual products will continue to be supported and remain active on the website. We have no intention of removing any product offerings, only adding more, and we have a lot in the pipeline.

While I understand that you may have some reservations with subscriptions — we believe that once you give it a shot, many of you will feel it’s worth it. It is a product that our team has put their heart and soul into, and I’m confident you will feel the value. If it doesn’t inspire you, you can unsubscribe at any time, and your sessions will always continue to work.

I’d also like to say, we are seeing the most signups of any product we’ve ever released. To those of you who have decided to take the leap and try Current, we want to thank you for giving it a shot, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback so we can continue to build something incredible together.

Sorry for this tweet – it was about 3AM last night while I was just started to have discussions about this – of course, we are paying attention and will be available for conversations today!

Sorry for the bad tone in my post, I unnecessarily lost myself.

I see now where you are going with Current, which is just not what I wanted to see. If you think that this is the right thing to do, I wish you all the best with that.

I am happy that you continue to develop the seperate products and hope you will add nice stuff for the non-sub-crew too! :slight_smile:

please don`t go the waves way. Buy it or rent it would be more then perfect for everyone.

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With all due respect, this is a pretty good non-apology, but it sounds like you’re really only saying “just try it and forget about the subscription”, but in other words. And it’s not so much a “reservation”, but more like a distain for subscription models.

The thing is that a synth on a subscription plan punishes people for using it long-term and if I can speak for the community on this one point, while we love the idea of supporting the company making interesting products, for many this will only be seen as an unfortunate decision. The community is pretty clear in that we would very much like to see Minimal offer an offline version, preferably a rent-to-own option that people can opt to upgrade with a subscription to Stream or by buying modules of new effects or something similar. Anything short of perpetual licensing as an option will likely hinder your market penetration as many hobbyists and professionals, myself included, can’t stomach the idea of paying for a subscription to use an instrument, especially one with a subscription-provided feature set that one might have no desire for and in an already saturated subscription-ridden market. It’s a cool product, and it’s worth a relatively high price, but not worth a price paid in perpetuity - no synth is, imo. Speaking for myself, I would much rather pay hundreds of dollars one time for a solid product than a cheap price for the next 10 years. I hope that you listen to the community and change your mind.


I was a big fan of your existing plugins and company, but am gobsmacked that someone thought offering your new flagship synth as subscription only was a great idea.

You’ve immediately alienated myself and a host of other users who will never agree to use a plugin that is subscription only. You’ve also introduced doubt into purchasing any additional stand alone plugins due to this troubling change of direction, and apparent cash grab.

If you want to offer Stream as a subscription model, I don’t think people would have an issue with it, but to provide no option of a perpetual license for Current is really unacceptable.

I signed up for a forum account just to add my voice to the chorus of users asking what you were thinking, and begging you to reconsider.

You’ve put in all of this hard work to create what looks like a great, exciting product only to cut yourself off at the knees upon release.

Thankfully, there are still a ton of other great synths out there that we can actually purchase and own in some capacity.

Subscription models for apps are an absolutely terrible idea that few people are fans of. I’m begging you to reconsider this decision and offer Current (without Stream is fine) as a standalone application that can be purchased.


Respectfully, you’re really misreading the room here. You’re going to find out the hard way that there is very little customer appetite for a subscription only model regardless of how great you believe it is going to be.

You may be seeing a lot of sign ups, but I doubt you are going to see them continue beyond the 30 day free trial, and I guarantee you have just eliminated a very large portion of your potential market that will not accept subscriptions for plugin based applications, myself included.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, the right thing to do here is to offer an actual apology for misunderstanding what the majority of your customers are actually asking for, and offer a perpetual license for a stand alone version of Current. You can still offer Stream as a subscription add on, and sort out how you want to handle the FX.

You are getting a ton of negative feedback on this decision, and you can see what it did to Waves, and almost did to Bitwig.

I’m sure you’ve also lost some customers already for any future purchases of your stand alone plugins, as they won’t want to risk you turning those into a subscription model in the future as well, despite your assurances to the contrary that it won’t happen.


Hello Jake and all of my Minimal Audio “friends who make plugins”.

Hopefully this makes sense, as I am not a native speaker, but I want to add my voice to this choir too and let you know. I dont wanna change places with your community manager, support man or however you call him. digging through a huge pile of crap after this gigantic shitstorm that rained down on you since yesterday…

I am a crazy fan of your work. within one year I got all your plugins. I love them, I use Cluster in every piece I make, it’s my most beloved delay plugin. RIFT is a distortion powerhouse… Love your understanding of design and GUI presentation and all that. I was incredible excited when I saw your announcement. I got all my money ready to throw at you for this new - and first - MA Instrument.

Unfortunately this synth was for me a DOA.
Days before I was so flipping excited, I think you could compare it actually with a little boy waiting for Christmas (only two days for the great revealing!) haha, however as excited I was… the disappointment for this business-move was a HUGE one. I couldn’t believe it actually - what were you thinking?. After Waves and Bitwig (as Interzone2006 already stated) making such a move - how can you think this will work for you?

I know many people fighting their way through the months as life itself got so expensive and additional cost for energy and taxes eat it all up… how will ever one be able to throw 15€ each month into a pit without ever being able to call it his own? I so f****ng hate the “own nothing and be happy” idea. working with an instrument that I will never own… there is always a bitter taste to it you will never be able to get rid off.I was once on a beta for a subscription model and ended the testing because I despise this shit so much.

Not running a business, not running a software cooperation but I maybe adding my $0.02 what could be an intersting move!?!?
I would try to communicate and make it clear that something will change. As you already said this will take time.
You clearly with a subscription in mind pulled Current off from the start. Next step, increasing the free trial. 60 days free for all with an account.
After that the next month for 5€ - and get all full steam to present the real Current synth at latest on 6th December 2023 to the public with an apology - introsale discount.

The Synth itself would be like this:
People who are loyal (#customerloyality, look at Arturia) and got already plugins will be able to use them INSIDE Current. people who are not owning the Cluster for instance will have a little simple digital delay in this. so you will treat loyal customers with respect and provoke new ones to get into the ecosystem of Minimal Audio. (If you want you can check Kilohearts to see how this is implemented in a friendly way)

Little do I know.

But for the love of it all, to actually save your business and dont let it sink in the coming days and weeks, respond and do the right thing. People are not ready for a subscription based model for a software instrument (and will NEVER be).

Much love!
// David