Current: Voice Stealing question


I’m currently trialing Current and noticed something that seems strange regarding the voice stealing algorithm (or maybe I’m doing something wrong!)

If you take the default init patch and change the amp envelope to have a long (e.g. 3 seconds) attack and long release, then play a single note then let it build to the sustain portion then let go and the (long) release begins.
If you play a DIFFERENT key you’ll hear that new note building it’s attack phase and the original note still fading out in its release phase.
However, if you press the SAME note you just released then it cuts of the release phase and starts the attack phase again.
So essentially, it seems to be seeing that if you play a note that’s already playing it reuses that voice but that means you lose the release stage for a repeated note.

On a similar note - I actually couldn’t see anywhere where you can specify the polyphony (max number of notes). Is there anywhere this can be configured?

Hey @ChrispyH – totally, different synth handle the same voice in some different ways. Right now we have it setup to choke existing notes which are already playing. We’ll be adding configuration options to adjust this behavior. – Until then the option isn’t editable. In terms of max voice it’s the same situation. Right now the pool size is 8 active voices & 8 reserve voices – meaning you can polyphonically move across chords of up to 8 notes without any voice dropouts.

More editing capability around this is coming! : )