Curve's falling out of sync?

I cant tell what is going on but sometimes at certain times, this patch im working on, the curves keep going out of sync with eachother. From what I can tell, I have the rates macrod on each curve the exact same amount. But sometimes when I hit a note or change the rate with a macro, all the sudden the two different oscillators I have routed to two different curves, fall out of sync. The reason I think its a bug and not user error is because usually to fix it I just have to hit a different note and it goes back to normal.

I don’t think we’ve heard about this issue yet. Can you share a screen capture and preset when you get a chance?

I didnt know how you wanted me to share it so I put the preset and the video in a zip file and uploaded to wetransfer: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Also if it helps, I just figured out that its the Sub that is specifically going out of sync, especially when I turn up the Chorus macro I made

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