Effects in Current available as standalone plugins

It’s not clear wether or not the effects in Current are available as standalone. It seems that you have to purchase those effects separately to use as standalone. Is that like a privilege cost? If that’s the case that seems weird as a potential customer. How does doing it this way add value for the customer? Just seems like a great way to turn more profit by creating an unnecessary inconvenience that forces the customer to pay more if if they want to have more freedom. Imposing a restriction as opposed to providing more value in order to justify additional cost seems greedy. Maybe because the products made by Minimal Audio are more special than the people who wan to use the products?? I asked about this on a FB thread and got a really whiny response from a rep about how now matter how much value you guys provide people are never satisfied-- with a sad face emoji. I just don’t see how this restriction provides value for the customer-- I certainly see how it provides value for the company.
Maybe Im misunderstanding something but this is how it seems and here I am debating with myself if I should buy the standalone effects or get Current. But Im paralyzed with hesitation… so currently (pun not intended) Im holding out hoping that this will change. In the mean time my money is vulnerable to being spent somewhere less elite.

Hey @Nagle

We sell the effects as standalone for users who don’t wish to purchase Current, you also get all the effects included inside Current. We plan to continue to add the effects to Current without raising the price of the synth.

Is your suggestions to not sell the standalone effects? Or to only sell Current as a bundle which includes all the standalone effects?

We want Current to be powerful, adding the effects should be a benefit of the synthesizer, not a detraction : )