Emerge vs. Soundpacks?

Hi! I’m a bit confused when comparing these products. Because Emerge is discounted I at first thought that was a bundle price for all 5 Soundpacks, but then I see there’s a Soundpack bundle available too, also discounted. You’re confusing me with all the discounts hahaha!!!

There seems to be quite some overlap between the products. Maybe I have to buy them all :slight_smile: !! That won’t be today though. It would be cool if it were possible to buy single sounds, maybe with a subscription/credits model (though I actually don;t like those!!)

Anyway: just got hold of Rift & I’m excited to work with it.

Also, you have a really great website design

Best wishes


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Hey @NigelW

Thanks for posting. Happy to have you on the forum!

I agree the sound bundle is a bit confusing right now. We’re very close to updating the site to be more clear about this and offer personalized bundle upgrade prices when logged into your account. So you should be able to “buy them all” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: without any redundancy soon. You can always get in touch with our support team if you want a personalized upgrade before the website is updated.

We are thinking about a subscription service, but I think that would be a way out still. If you’ve got any thoughts about what you do/don’t like about those kinds of models, please let me know.

So happy to hear you’re enjoying the site/products!


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Hi Ben, just checked in again because I’ve been meaning to buy some of the sounds, and when I logged in my Upgrade price for the Everything Bundle is awesome, would go for it for sure! - only when I go to the cart the price is different (much higher). I sent a support request but as I was planning to use the sounds in a project today I thought maybe posting here could get some action going and a quicker response maybe ;-)…thanks!! Best, Nigel

EDIT: well I did some sums and I reckon the upgrade offer shown for me was just way too cheap, and the basket price, though nowhere near as cheap, was still discounted on a non-upgrade bundle price- so I “pulled the trigger” and got the Everything Bundle, yay!! I figured if I’d paid too much we could sort it out at some point <3 love to you all

The sounds are all great!!! I only wish that the composite sounds -especially the Impacts were broken out into their components, even if only 2 stems-eg Hit/Noise+Tonal …would make them hugely more useful!

Hey @NigelW

I’m glad it worked out. Definitely see what @griffin.minimal has to say about your upgrade price. He can help you with any issues : )

So glad you’re enjoying the sounds!

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Can you pleases tell me what the category “UI” is? It’s in Transmute and Emerge…thanks!!

UI stands for “user interface”. These sounds are made for and inspired by sci-fi touchscreens, buttons, holograms, and other interfaces. Enjoy!