Feedback Only Please

I really like using the feedback at 100% for odd pitch effects but I am always getting a slight bleed of the raw signal. I think this is like the 1st “Direct” sound in an IR for example. To be clear I am not sure if it’s even possible, but if we had an option to turn off the direct sound, the sonic possibilities are massively multiplied. As is I will hear the full distorted drums (for example), as well as the pitch conformed feedback loop. I want a pure effect option to just play with the feedback. Another possible solution I thought of could be very interesting too tho. It is to route the feedback and filter to separate outputs. If not helpful hope it can inspire a better idea lol… Thanks

Is it really just me???

Hey @kutchutozov

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When turning the feedback mix to 100% it should be just the wet effect. I think what might be making it sound like there’s still some raw signal in there is that the feedback filters are placed within the feedback loop for most of the algorithms. Tune mode filters the entire wet signal and might sound more like what you’re looking for.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @ben.minimal ,
I should’ve been clearer, I did mean in tune mode. Haven’t had time to fiddle for a while but I’ll have time soon… :crossed_fingers: Maybe I’m still a little unclear on how it actually works. I thought that in tune mode, as you said, all the “wet” signal was chopped into the relevant, tiny, pitched cycle length. But… It sounded like there was still 1 version un-chopped / looped, but distorted. Perhaps it’s to do with the automation of the feedback I had going too? So if it crossed 0 too often, it might play the untouched signal, overlapping with the tuny chunks of pitch cycled audio? Hmmm … Think I’ll test it from the default next time as this is based on a complex preset I tweaked to taste, and as I remember I had the follower going on feedback, and quite possibly went thru 0 every drum beat… Hmmmm So I guess that did help …
Thanks again Ben

Hey Ben, just wanted to give you a little update. So I think I might be unclear on what feedback loops are actually doing lol … Tried to do some research but soon realised it would be quicker to learn German. Had lots of fun playing and experimenting with it tho :partying_face: and I think , as the feedback goes up or down, it starts to “add” the looped segments of the relevant length, and increases the signal going into the loop. If that’s even close to what’s happening then all I want is the loops. :crossed_fingers: Really hope that makes more sense. In most cases the original signal at 100% mix is not that clear but transients and cymbals seem to poke through the most to my ear. And that said I’ve just realised it might be because the are happening so fast, even in tuned loops you can hear enough of the sound to recognise it. Hmmmm I always realise stuff as I’m asking the question lol … Hope that helps clarify and sorry it’s not more technical :man_shrugging: