Fuse Compressor : Attack and Release Request

Hi all!

Just got Fuse Compressor a few days ago—I’m really loving it so far! It looks and sounds great, and is super intuitive and easy to use. I appreciate the adaptive time macro as well, it’s very helpful for quickly changing the character of the sound. One thing I really would like in a future update though is for the attack and release controls to be handled more like the other parameters. It would be great to have the option to individually adjust the attack and release band-by-band—the adaptive time macro act to change all of the bands in a certain way, as the upward and downward threshold and ration macros do. I realize it could be kind of difficult to fit this in the GUI, and you guys have really done an amazing job fitting everything into one screen and having it all visible and clear. But I do think this is something you should consider for a future version. With this added level of control, Fuse could be an even more versatile and exciting tool. Thank you for a great plugin!


hey @Lukas thanks for the nice feedback, I think that sounds like a good potential update!


Just added it to our requests for next update


thanks Jake! I appreciate your receptiveness and speedy response—will continue to enjoy fuse compressor and look forward to the update as well!

Any updates on this? It is LITERALLY the only feature which makes me pause… Timing is very important to me. Especially if BOTH more granularty were added to the timing in the release… AND if there were tempo based options per band if selected.

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