Fuse Compressor - Clicks

I keep noticing an annoying transient click happening when using the fuse compressor on various presets ive made, I have tried messing with every setting on the compressor to figure out what it is about the way i have things set could be causing it but nothing really seems to reduce or prevent the clicking noise unless I turn off the compressor. At first it only happened once or twice so I thought it was my doing, but its starting to pop up consistently enough that its becoming a bit of a problem for me. Its happening on sounds that shouldnt have any reason to have that clicky of a transient, even when I turn up the attack on the amp envelope the click will still be noticeable unless I turn the attack up so much it takes away the entire transient of the sound. Just a bit confused because ive never encountered this issue in any other VST synth that has a multiband compressor in it. Oh, also I thought at one point it was because I didnt have my preset set to mono but once I turn mono on it actually makes the click even worse

Hey, the upwards compressor has a fixed, super fast attack to avoid clicks but it sounds like it might not be fast enough in some situations. I’m guessing if you turn the upward ratio knob all the way down then the click will go away. I’ll take a look at improving this.

It’s also possible that the upward compression is bring up some low level click further up the signal chain.

I improved this today and we just updated to v1.1.1, so the clicking should be gone.

I’m pretty sure I turned the ratio knobs both ways trying to see if that would affect it and it didn’t make the click go away, the compressor was also the only effect I had on at the time other than the oscillator filter which was just a low pass attached to an LFo that didn’t have a punchy attack. But regardless, I’ll try again tonight on the new update and hopefully it’s gone, thanks for fixing it so quickly!!

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