Fuse Compressor : Multi Stage option like Rift?

Hey Guys,
I’ll save the compliments, you know I love you all so much :slight_smile:

Fuse is incredible.
I take it as obvious that Fuse stands as a more flexible and fully featured MBComp \ OTT.
We all know how all of our friends and sound designers use OTT by duplicating it
which makes me wonder…

Any chance of a Smart Multi Stage feature like the one in Rift?
With the controls controlling all stages at once, I think that will really make Fuse a sound design beast.

Thanks :white_heart:


oooooooo – me likey this idea… – but wouldn’t you want to be able to change the parameters a bit between each stage?


When running 2-3 stages it might make more sense duplicate the plugin and tweak each specifically.

But when using 5+ and sometimes 10+ otts for whack sound design, the ability to control all params on all is quite powerful and creative.

Just like in Rift - more stages doesn’t mean better so I think being able test multi-stages on the fly in one plugin will be sweet and topped with a single soft clipper and hopefully saving some CPU.

I’d be happy to test it and give feedback :slight_smile:

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This feature would be huuuuuuuge as I’ve been running 2-3 in series quite often and getting sick results

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I just had a crazy idea.

  • WHAT IF -
    you could have multi-stage compression but set different stages for each band :exploding_head:

It’s not the classic duplicate ott thing, but if it sounds good it could be the only plugin doing that.

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please keep em coming that’s another good idea to try. We’ll probably start looking into enhancements for existing plugins once we get the synth out, shouldn’t be long now

It’s a great idea. Steve Duda talks about something like this just here. (1:46:13)

He’s saying it wouldn’t be to hard for someone to make a host plugin where you could open multiply instances of any plugins and adjust them all at the same time, with option the to fan, pan, spread the parameters of all instances with one macro slightly differenty.

I made a very simple version of the plugin mentioned in the podcast. It has the ability to load multiple instances of a plugin and control the plugin parameters across all instances. Your mileage will vary with something like this depending on how the plugin is structure internally. From what I can tell, things like the number of bands or the controls for each specific bands aren’t exposed to the DAW for automation, and therefore can’t be accessed even with the wrapper plugin. The MA team would have to add that feature in natively. If you’re interested in the plugin I made, I’ll work on creating a free release for it after making some improvements like adding a panning option :smile:

Here’s a demo showing the plugin controlling multiple instances at once: Demo Video

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Very cool @nberr !!!