Fuse Compressor : Multi Stage option like Rift?

Hey Guys,
I’ll save the compliments, you know I love you all so much :slight_smile:

Fuse is incredible.
I take it as obvious that Fuse stands as a more flexible and fully featured MBComp \ OTT.
We all know how all of our friends and sound designers use OTT by duplicating it
which makes me wonder…

Any chance of a Smart Multi Stage feature like the one in Rift?
With the controls controlling all stages at once, I think that will really make Fuse a sound design beast.

Thanks :white_heart:


oooooooo – me likey this idea… – but wouldn’t you want to be able to change the parameters a bit between each stage?


When running 2-3 stages it might make more sense duplicate the plugin and tweak each specifically.

But when using 5+ and sometimes 10+ otts for whack sound design, the ability to control all params on all is quite powerful and creative.

Just like in Rift - more stages doesn’t mean better so I think being able test multi-stages on the fly in one plugin will be sweet and topped with a single soft clipper and hopefully saving some CPU.

I’d be happy to test it and give feedback :slight_smile:

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This feature would be huuuuuuuge as I’ve been running 2-3 in series quite often and getting sick results

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I just had a crazy idea.

  • WHAT IF -
    you could have multi-stage compression but set different stages for each band :exploding_head:

It’s not the classic duplicate ott thing, but if it sounds good it could be the only plugin doing that.

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please keep em coming that’s another good idea to try. We’ll probably start looking into enhancements for existing plugins once we get the synth out, shouldn’t be long now