Getting hybrid filter


I used the Current demo when it first came out and bought a perpetual licence with the All Access plan for free for a year. But firstly, I still have a paid subscription since the demo and there is no option to cancel the paid subscription, so the site is still trying to charge me $15 per month.

Second, I can’t cancel the subscription and I can’t pay the $15 to get Hybrid filter for free because the site says I’m already subscribed.
How do I get the Hybrid filter?

Thank you!!!


You should receive an email with a code to get Hybrid Filter free later today. Anyone that is already on the All Access plan or perpetual will receive a free copy as well. A thank you for everyone that has supported Current thus far.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on Details & Billing in your account under the Plans tab. If you’re having issues you can always reach out to our support as well!

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Thank you for you reply!

I mean, I don’t have an option to cancel subscription in the plans tab, but it says subscription cancels on 12th December.

Thank you for a freebie! Now I’m waiting to receive your mail

Of course!

The cancelation will be complete after the time you’ve already paid for is over. Reach out to support if you want us to fully cancel it immediately / get a refund for a month you didn’t intend to be subscribed for. If it says it’s going to cancel you won’t be charged again.

Can you search your email for “Hybrid Filter”? If you didn’t receive that then please let support know as well and they’ll sort it out for you.