Keytrack for Hybrid Filter

I think this would just add to the modularity of the synth and make it even more intuitive by adding the keytrack function to the hybrid filter as well!

Hey! We actually made this possible with a little bit of work on your end.

  1. Set the Cutoff to Tune mode
  2. Assign the key tracking modulation source to Cutoff
  3. Bring Cutoff all the way down and the modulation amount all the way up

It would be nice to set up some better integrations between the engine and effects down the road.

Thanks Ben!

I am aware of this work around, I just think for less seasoned sound designers and for the sake of workflow efficiency, a keytrack button would be a better solution. Either way, I am definitely appreciative of the key tracking modulation!

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The reason it’s not there in the rack currently is because the effects are not per voice like the engine filters — meaning keytrack in the effects would likely respond to the last note you press, but apply to all active voices.

As long as that’s clear — it’s worth considering. We thought about adding it but thought it also may confuse people

It might be that theres a typo, but im not fully understanding what you mean with the voicing :grimacing:

But overall, its not a big issue or anything, it works perfectly fine with the workaround! So no worries if it wouldnt make sense to add it from a development standpoint!

sorry typo! – mean not per*** voice. So the hybrid filter can only key track from the last note and applies to the patch globally across all voices

Ahh I kind of understand what you mean, I think im not fully in tune with what a “voice” is in the context of the hybrid filter and the effects

totally, basically the filters on the engine level operate on a per note basis, so every note you play gets it’s own filter and modulation which moves based on those settings.

The voices (notes) are all summed into the FX chain, so the filters in the FX chain apply to all voices. You could key track, but the frequency key tracked from the last note, would apply to all notes.