MIDI out for Chord & Arp Generators

I was sad to see that there is no way to capture the notes that the Chord and Arp generators generate. With some plugins out there, atleast in Ableton, I have the ability to record the midi onto another track if it has been altered by the plugin. So with an arp generator VST, I would be able to ouput the MIDI notes its creating onto a new track so I can use that MIDI outside of the plugin in other areas of my project. The generators in Minimal are very powerful and well-made, so it would be an absolute W to be able to capture those notes into my project!


we’re totally open to this and agree that would be sick – once we finish this business model pivot, we’ll be focused on UX & Bug, then our major updates & future releases we had planned


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

Hoping you don’t mind, I have to second this idea. Current’s arp is dope and has made Bitwig’s arp blah to me. I would love to be able to use it on other tracks.


Same! This would be sick!

Has there been any progress made on this feature?