Minimal Audio products require login too often

I find my minimal audio plugins require me to log in far more often than any plugin should
I think this happens when an update is available, also presets go missing when I do log in
at least until I update the plugin

this essentially forces the user to upgrade and can really interfere with future proofing projects
really great plugins, but I worry about using them in any serious work

also as mentioned, morph eq and cluster delay don’t save window size


Our plugins are not currently aware of if an update is available, and we won’t ever force a user to update. That said, sometimes a new OS release requires that we update our plugins. Our updates are always backwards compatible.

The issue you’re describing sounds like something that came up with OSX Ventura, which would cause users to have to login to the plugin every time it was opened, and presets would not show up. Are you sure you’re on the most up to date versions? You might have to login once after updating but you should be good to go after that.

You can download the installers here:

If you are up to date, can you make sure that you have write access for these folders, and the product/preset folders within them?

  • Mac: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Minimal
  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Minimal (ProgramData is a hidden folder)

If none of that works, please let me know what OS you’re on and I’ll try to reproduce the issue.

We’ll be addressing the window size saving in the next update.