Mod matrix in current

it’d be great if there was a mod matrix in current so you can quickly/easily set or reassign source and destinations for modulators. this would be handy and extremely time-saving if wanting to easily change an existing modulation source from something like an lfo over to an envelope follower, instead of having to manually go and remove lfo mappings from all the knobs it might be mapped to, then go back and reassign the envelope follower manually to all those same knobs.

i hope that makes sense, and there are other synths that shall not be named with similar mod matrix features for examples. if something like this is available or if there might be an easier way to go about reassigning existing mod mappings to other modulators, i would def love any info on the subject!


Hey! Unfortunately while there isn’t a dedicated matrix view at the moment, the functionality you described is luckily possible! Any modulator can be changed to any other type, simply click it’s name and you can change the type, all of the destination and depth settings will stay as they are, that way you can quickly try different modulators.

Hopefully we’ll come up with a nice mod view in the future but I hope you enjoy this workflow as well!

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ahh nice! it’d be handy to see everything in one centralized spot to kinda keep track of things but this is a sufficient workaround & much quicker than removing/re-adding etc ha, thanks!

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lol that was our thought as well – honestly we dream to kill the mod matrix and just make modulation intuitive – but of course if we’re not able to make that fluid and awesome, we’ll pull a mod matrix in. – for myself, I even get lost in the mod matrix when it’s too large : /

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