Modulating Octaves for Macros

It would be cool to be able to modulate the octave of an oscillator with a Macro so I have an easy way of changing the timbre of a sound while staying in key

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This should be easy via modulating the primary pitch knob and using steps inside a curve, we plan to make the modulation snap to semitone on the pitch knobs, and shift drag for fine values.

Would that offer a solution, another plan is to add note snapping to all the pitch control similar to how it was working in rift, but it will also sync to the global scale setting.

Let me know your thoughts on that!

Note snapping is definitely a welcomed addition, I made another post asking about something similar to that so I am excited that is something youre considering! In terms of the curve solution, my issue is not being able to control the octave of an OSC with the Macros, which wouldnt work the same. Over the years in other synths, a go to technique of mine has been adding the Octave control to a macro so that users of my presets can easily adjust the timbre of the preset while staying in key. It works especially great on presets that have oscillators being FM’d. The curve and step solution definitely works great for other uses though, I just specifically would find it helpful to route a macro to control the octave of an oscillator.