Morph EQ Midi-In Feature Request

Hi, first of all nice to meet you and what an awesome plug-in you guys created!

I am a Cubase user and there’s not much of indoor modulation possible so I often use the Xfer LFOTool to send curves to MIDI CC, which I now cannot link to Morph EQ’s parameters.

I hope you can add this in a future update.

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Hi, in the meantime I have a workaround using the (free atm) Waves StudioRack plugin wich can now load VST3 plugins. Within this plugin you can set 8 macrocontrols, simply assign a parameter and use midi-learn on the macro to set a CC number.

Hey @Fabian apologies that I missed your first post! I’m glad you found a solution to this – we will with time being launching a version of Morph EQ which support modulation – but I don’t have a specific date for this quite yet as it’s part of a much bigger plan.

Hi Jake, thanks for sharing some intel. That sounds great, I’m looking forward to it! (very curious about the bigger plan now :grinning:)

I know, something serious must be happening right…? According to the forum, Nate just popped up for a breath after a while absent :eyes: (nice forum bot btw, it’s almost like one of us lol) so the games afoot Watson… Intrigue abound and you clearly have our attention after Morph! Tbh minimal haven’t disappointed me once yet, so as long as its not a buy out / merger with “Native-iZotope” you’re golden! Oh and no politics please lol. Unless you can solve the worlds issues with plugins, those beautiful ambient soundscapes must be helping tho…
As always :v:, :heart:and magnets!