Morph EQ: Stop entire path from moving when a single point is moved

Whenever I’m creating a path on Morph EQ, I want to be able to listen to each specific point within the path and then make adjustments on the current point without affecting the whole path. Currently, I have to set my morph point away from the point I am listening to in order to move only that point. This is quite inconvenient when trying to dial in a specific path. Hopefully I’m explaining that clearly. Let me know if I’m just overlooking something or if I’m not understanding something about the workflow of this behavior.

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Hey! Unfortunately you’re correct, the primary/morph point sits on top of the regular points — I think we’d need to think of some UX enhancement to improve this. Maybe something like a little handle that extended out from the point in the back if the morph point is over it?

Would that work?

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That sounds like a reasonable solution. My 2 cents is that the primary point doesn’t even need to have a function beyond being a visual reference. Moving the whole path could maybe be done by clicking anywhere along the path/points and holding a modifier key. If something like that doesn’t work though, your original suggestion still sounds good either way!

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hey @ftuzson that is a wonderful idea – I’ll chat about that with the team, seems totally reasonable