Moving To Discord?

Hey everyone,

We’ve gotten feedback from people that this forum isn’t ideal and everyone would prefer to move to discord in order to communicate about things.

We’re planning out a big redesign to our website, as well trying to make the decision on whether or not to move these conversations over there.

We’re looking for more feedback on that, if you’ve been active here, would you have preferred to have been on discord? Any tips for moving to discord?



I don’t know about the advantages of discord, but this forum could be used in any browser but discord is additive application and I personally don’t use it

Discord is a really solid way for quick communication. There are several makers that use it for this, some support, and overall just community building. When COVID-19, it seems that it made a leap from just gamers and Gen Z to much older and tech aware folks. Just my two cents.

I thought for some time that this is somekind of embedded dischord. I am on Dischored and other Devs too. So if the move happens I will be OK.

Perhaps notifications would be a bit better over there.

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I might be wrong, but I think this is a Discourse forum. As far as site forums, Discourse is fairly cool. The bot onboarding and ‘leveling up’ is certainly unique. :slight_smile:

A move to discord would be pretty good IMO

You would reach more people there too i think

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