Oscillator Pitch Modulation (and Squarify)

really really REALLY liking Current so far… but what about osc pitch modulation. CURRENTly (pun intended) modulating the pitch of a single oscillator with a modulator is not possible - will it be in the future?

also, will there be a wave effect that can do what xFer Serum’s “squarify” formula can do?


Hey! So happy you’re enjoying Current. There are two main ways to modulate the oscillator pitch. On the bottom left of all the generators are two pitch controls titled Pitch & Fine – you can use Pitch to do large modulation movements for exampling attack pitch envelopes, octave modulation, etc – and fine for more subtle pitch modulation for example lofi detuning movements.

What you can’t modulate at the moment are the octave & semitone controls – that’s because we plan to add some more controls around the primary pitch knob so you can set different snap values.

Hopefully that helps clear it up! Give it a shot and let us know if you’re not getting a sound you’re looking for.


Hey, regarding “squarify” — I would like to add a way to do this but I’m not sure when it will happen.

I think if you use the flange neg filter with resonance at 0% (not -100% which was a bit confusing for me to figure out) with the keytrack enabled on the filters you can squarify as an effect. if you do it with the flange neg filter in the fx section you’ll have to drag the cutoff all the way down then modulate it with keytrack 100% and not change the keytrack curve at all.

edit: detune being involved makes this a bit tougher, this works for purely harmonic sounds, but does a “rough” squarify for sounds that are slightly inharmonic because of phase movement or detune ect. still works in a pinch in the synth as is.