Payment options RTO current

Hey Minimal Audio team,

I was really looking forward to jumping on the current RTO offer, sadly I do not own a credit card.
Are you thinking about adding PayPal as a payment method in the webshop? I’m sure there are more people that are looking for alternative payment platforms. In my country, it’s not standard to own a credit card.

Really looking forward to joining the RTO plan to support you guys in further developing great user-friendly electronic music tools.


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Hey, we’re working on adding PayPal for the All Access plans. If your trial is running out and you want to continue to use Current you can reach out through our support page and we’ll extend the trial until the PayPal option is available. We’re hoping to have it ready in the next 30 days, though. Hope that helps!


Hey, I tried to test current, but my first 30 days were filled with sick kids, and afterwards sick me. I wanted to retest it please, my email for Düren community-account in the forum is the same as in my customer-account. Also I‘m waiting for the PayPal option, because I wanted to go the all access way.