Playback crash in Logic 10.4

So since the 2.0 update I get a lot of crashes (particularly on quick restart of playback) in Logic 10.4.7. OS 10.14. Mac mini 2018. Think it could be related to lfo sync if it helps. I do have 10 rifts open tho if thats an issue lol :exploding_head: :partying_face:

Hey thanks so much for reporting @kutchutozov !

We’re in the process of trying to track this down. I’ll let you know when I have more info.

hey @kutchutozov – we’ve had another other user report this in logic as well. Are you able to find any sort of reproducible steps in order to make the crash occur?

Any steps would be much appreciated! We’ve been trying hard to success here – are you on M1?

Hey jake, sorry been really busy. Not on M1. 2018 mac mini, The only consistency seemed to be very quick double tap of space bar. Logic does have a lag after playback stops, where processors seem to spike for a second before they rest. I think it is related to this. I had other crashes attributed to rift but I think they all were caused by overly optimistic restart of playback. I don’t think I was actually selected on a track with rift (inline) every time but I had a lot of sends too, so could have been a result of that.

That said, it’s probably nothing “wrong” as such your end. Logic and it’s sends have always caused issues which were never addressed. Since Apple took over. The PDC (and it’s issues) could well cause a processor spike on stop as far as I understand. Which would certainly cause overload if started again too quickly.

Hope this helps bud

Well continue testing – in the meantime if you’re ever able to grab a crash report so we could verify whether or not it’s truly Rift that would be very appreciated!

We’re putting out an update with some patches in the next week or so and want to make sure this is resolved before that goes out – I’ll DM you with a pre release installer if that’s alright!



Ok, yeah send the link and I’ll reload the same project. That should be a good test of relative stability.

Should have something tomorrow!