Question about the Current FX modules

Ive just bought Cluster, or at least I will when the trial runs out. I notice that it has Rift and Cluster built in, both of which I own as separate plugins. I’n interested in Fuse, as well, but see that Fuse is built in to Current as well.

Should I get Fuse separately and are there any advantages to doing so, or is there a way of using the FX parts of Cluster in Isolation or as FX Groups? I notice that there isn’t a Current FX VST3 option…

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The standalone effects plugins are for if you want to use them outside of Current. You’re correct that there’s no Current FX plugin.

We’re planning on adding all the standalone effects (other than the full Rift) to the Current rent-to-own plan. So if you’re planning to keep doing that you can wait a few weeks and get Fuse Compressor. The unreleased effects will start to be added after that.

Let me know if that’s not clear :slight_smile:

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