Question regarding Current content

@ben.minimal What will happen with already downloaded in 30-day free trial period Current wavetables and presets? Will they continue to work in new perpetual licence or they will be disabled and I will need to buy all them individually to unlock even if I already downloaded them in this 30-day trial? Thanks

We’re working on this right now, so its possible its going to change a bit but here’s what we’re thinking:

  • If you already loaded content it will always continue to work, no matter what.
  • If you load a preset with samples/wavetables that you don’t own it will still load as expected.
  • If you downloaded content that you no longer have access to, then you won’t be able to load it until it is purchased.

We’re planning on including a lot of what’s available but perpetual owners will loose access to a lot of sample packs in particular since there are so many. I think we’re going to include most if not all of the presets and about half of the wavetables. Its all still getting worked out, though.

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Btw will there be any unlock system that if I already have purchaised previously your sample packs which are in my account that they will be registered and shown in Current as ulocked sample packs?

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this will 100% be happening. – definitely you will not be blocked from sample packs you already own. It’s a huge part of what makes the pivot to RTO & perpetual difficult but we’re on it.

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