Real-Time Granular Controls

Hey Minimal Team,

Not sure how possible this feature would be, but I would love to be able to use the granular engine on generative patches in Current without having to resample the audio and load the source for the granular engine, maybe a dry/wet control similar to attaching something like Output’s Portal as an effect would be sick. There are times I will create patches with too many parameters being controlled by random LFOs that resampling into audio to work in the granular engine kind of defeats the purpose of the random generative patch. Thanks for making the synth, have been having a blast with it since release.


Totally. We want this as well. It’s on our todo list for Current effects but I think it’s going to be after some other new ones.

Feel free to share any specific feature requests.


Thanks for the response! I thought of one more that I failed to remember when posting this. Any chances we will be able to assign macros to / automate the X and Y positions of placement dots within LFOs? One of few exclusive features to Serum that always brings me back to it during certain contexts. With the power of Current, I’d LOVE to be able to automate the shape of my LFOs for more variation potential.

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Oh my God!
What you guys doing! Brilliant news.