Retrigger settings in Current?

I created an arp patch last night in current. I really love all the pattern options, I’ve never seen so many in another arp. I noticed however that if I tried to change notes in the chord I was holding (ie. holding a Cmaj and moving the G to a B while keeping remaining notes the same) causes the arp to start over. This means it often does not even play the new note. I didn’t see an option for disabling retrigger.

In creating a pad patch I noticed a similar thing. I would like when I change chords, or notes in a chord, while still sustaining the first chord for it to smoothly shift to the new chord without restarting the envelope. This doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

Is this possible and I’m missing something?

I’m not sure of this will work for the arp until I’m back at my machine but for the chords it should totally work if you enable legato mode. Have you given that a shot?


I tried it with the arp and it didn’t do anything. I’ll try with the pad when I get a break from work and can work on music.

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Awesome! We’re sure heads down on RTO & Perpetual license logic at the moment but we will continue to improve the audio engine rapidly when we’re done : ) – please feel free to provide more UX & workflow things which are not feeling right to you!

Hello Jake!
I think in legato portamento mode, the velocity modulator should update its value with new notes at different velocities during the glide

that sounds pretty reasonable – and I’m guessing the transition should match the glide time then in that case.

You know the business :smirk:

Current’s arp is great, I like using it. This suggestion could make it more expressive and flowing. In the service of clarity I’m going to compare to Bitwig’s arp and describe how to reproduce the behavior I’m referring to.

What I’m referring to in my original message actually comes down to 2 separate behaviors:

  1. I add new notes to the chord while playing the arp cycle
  2. I change entire chord in the middle of the arp cycle

To trigger each behavior in either Current or Bitwig:

  1. Hold a Cmaj chord with the arp on, then add some notes above the chord (switching between the next B and D on eighth notes)
  2. Hold a Cmaj chord and switch to Dmaj, such that you change all the notes in the chord

Here is how Bitwig’s arp behaves in these cases:

  1. It continues playing and inserts the new note where it appears in the selected pattern; note that you will still hear the entire pattern before the arp loops
  2. This one depends on the Retrigger setting: with retrigger on releasing all the keys and pressing new ones will start the arp cycle over again; with retrigger off pressing new keys will continue the arp cycle from where it left off

Here is how Current’s arp behaves in these cases:

  1. This is the big one: it does insert the new note into the pattern but it also interrupts the pattern and starts it over again; this tends to sound awkward if you’re trying to build a melody on top of chords with the arp
  2. Any time I change chords the arp starts over again; this is also the default in Bitwig, but with retrigger turned off the chord changes sound very nice

I hope this is helpful.

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