Rift filter lite bug

Sometimes when I move an instance of Rift filter lite or group it into an audio fx rack in ableton, the filter type will change. When I undo it reverts back.
ableton 11.3.2
mac os 10.14.6

Hey, thanks for reporting this.

Is it incorrect on the UI’s filter response, the audio processing, or both?

I wasn’t able to get it to happen just now with VST3. Any chance we could get a video?

Hey dude! Both the ui and the Sound. I just tried to replicate it for the past 20 minutes and it only did it once and I wasn’t filming. It went from vari notch to dual notch and then back to vari notch when I command z’d. I’m not sure if it was au vst or vst3. I will pay more attention to that. This probably isn’t helpful but I’ll see if I can figure out any more common threads when/if it happens again.