Route Velocity to Osc Phase

Anyone know if its possible to map the velocity to osc phase? Trying to map anything to the phase and I’m unable to.

This isn’t currently possible. Can you fill me in a bit more on why you’d like to be able to do it?

e.g. modulating the phase of OSC2 who’s FM’ing OSC1 is could be fun. As of now you just have to do it by hand or automate it in the DAW. Also modulating the random or fade amount could be desirable. Of course, there’s much other stuff that can be done but why shouldn’t this also be possible?

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hey @ben.minimal , thanks for the response. In addition to just some of the possible use cases that @ifso mentioned, I was just looking for an easy option for sub phase alignment (mostly kick + sub in this scenario). A workaround has been to automate the phase in my daw on the track, but it’s pretty cumbersome. It’s a workflow I currently use with other synths. Just thought it would be a nice feature. Was actually surprised I wasn’t able to when trying!

Appreciate the time.