Set Modulation Depth in Current?

I have no idea if this exists, thus me adding the Feature Requests category, but I can’t set the modulation depth of a mod to a specific number in Current. I felt like this surely exists, but I’ve found nothing thus far.


You mean you’d like to type the value?

Unfortunately at the moment it’s not available but we plan in an update to add modulation remap as well as improving the precision of drag on both modulation & depth modulation.

Apologies it’s not there at the moment but it’s coming!

Ah, modulation remapping would be totally nice! Do you think that you guys would add something faster such as typing with it whilst being dragged/hovered on, I think the speed with mod remap on serum was a bit of a pain for me personally but nonetheless it totally works :pray::pray:

This is about the only problem I’ve encountered with Current, so big ups to you all in that regard!!

Thanks! yes the ease of use of the current system will be improved first cause it’s been bugging us as well :sweat_smile:

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