Undo / Redo in Current?

Is there an Undo / Redo button in Current? Cant find it…

Also, an actual PDF Manual would be cool instead of just the website with a FAQ like manual because i was hoping to just CTRL F to search for the word “undo” in case there was a shortcut to do it.


i did the same exact things haha interested to hear if there is anything currently available!

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We have had a lot of requests for global undo / redo support. It will be a really large task to make it perfect and global in the way you would expect. We could add a lighter weight version which was just changes to presets & modulation, but not for example, switching samples.

What we’ve tried to do right now is do local undo / redo – for example you can undo / redo edits inside of morph eq, or inside of the curves. If there is a particular workflow around undo / redo which would be what you expected, we’d also love to hear that as well.

On a global level, it’s tricky – but I feel there is something that hits 90% of the use case which we could pull off in a shorter term and then continue to improve on.