Used Rift and Morph EQ on every track in a stream

I don’t want to spam this community, so I may or may not use this as a thread if I share other Minimal Audio centric streams
but I wanted to share this one because I made Rift and Morph EQ the center of attention

most of the work is done in Rift, one thing I REALLY like about Morph EQ is the presets
as cool as it is, and useful, to make your own paths, the strengths and value for me also includes the preset collection, I think think of it as Rift Filter Light Pro

For this stream I also used Rift as a monophonic resonator, delay, and a beat repeater/ glitcher

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Thanks for sharing @DATABROTH !

We’ve seen a some of your other videos using our plugins. Appreciate the support :heart:

hey, thank you so much

I think I sent you guys an email right around the time rift came out hoping for a synth one day
I think you guys could make a really cool one, and it’d give me even more excuses to use your software

I think you’ve been doing some really great work.
do I understand correctly that part of the team worked on thermal before creating rift?

We love your videos!

1 - We are building a synth
2 - Hi I’m Jake
3 - Yeah I built Portal & Thermal & and a lot of Arcade as well. If you’re interested in some of the history of portal – it stems from this research paper I did many years ago:



thank you, how are you doing Jake?

hey that is so great to hear
I can’t wait to check it out, I’d love to do presets and/or beta testing if possible

I’ve been slowly chipping away at this research paper, great stuff