Ventura Issues Update

Hey everyone –

Just want to share here that we’re aware that recent Ventura update has broken our plugins for some users – we’ve got it all patched up here and will be shipping out an update next week!



Thanks for the good news!

THANK GOD…it has been incredibly frustrating not being able to use Morph or Rift since updating to Ventura…OBVIOUSLY this is not on the developers at all…the only thing I blame yall for is making such incredible plugins that I wont be able to produce without them. Apologies for the ramble, for the sake of more data…I am currrently running macOS 13.0 on an M1 Pro MBP 16" and Morph resets every time the plugin window closes and re-opens (Ableton 11.2.5)…and Rift which I am RTO via Splice does not authenticate (just gonna go ahead and pay it off as soon as these fixed packages are released)

@REVIZEbass @jan

I just updated the installers for all of our plugins on our website. We now fully supports Ventura :partying_face:

You can grab the installers here:

Thanks for your patience, and let me know if you run into any issues!

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yes!!! installing Morph and both the Lite plug-ins…with Rift I am currently doing the rent to own via Splice and I guessing they won’t update the bundled installer for Rift for a little while considering their less than ideal response time. Is there any way around that? Totally cool if not, so incredibly stoked to Morph the living eff out of this drop I just sketched out. You guys are legendary, Thank you

Hell yeah! Please do let us know if you have any further issues, we’re a small team internally and we try our best to test the plugins in all the wrappers on both windows & Mac – but with so many permutations it can be hard to test everything.

With regard to Splice we’ve also delivered new installers to them! I imagine they’ll get them up pretty quickly as I know they had some support issues with regards to this as well.

Just wanted to quickly pop back and confirm that Morph EQ v1.0.3r2, Feedback Lite 1.1.1r1, and Rift Lite 1.3.3r0 are all performing flawlessly and any previous activation issues have been resolved. For reference I am running Ableton 11.2.6 in native AS mode on a M1 Pro MBP 16" currently on 13.0. I am planning to test the 13.1 dev beta of macOS which I’m gonna be installing in a separate APFS Volume/Container…so i will report back if anything gets broken but I’m betting the OS level fixes should carry through. Oh and I should mention that I tested the AU, VST, and VST3 versions of each of these plug-ins and no issues with any of them. Very impressive work…I’m calling it, MorphEQ is my favorite plug-in of all time, for real.


So happy to hear that w00t w00t! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any other issues!