Weird marketing

Rant warning:

I just got a mass mail about the holiday sale of the Swarm Reverb and on a whim headed over to the website.

I don’t know if it is me and my browser setup but NOWHERE on the site I can find any trace of audio demoing the sounds of the reverb. As I said - it might be my setup but if not : How would anyone think I’d buy a product just based on some smoot pics + a written sales pitch that it’s the best reverb since sliced bread? I know there’s a sucker born every day but seriously? Sound products without sound demos? Please tell me I missed some audio link somewhere.

I’m right there with you. PLEASE do not send me marketing material for a product when you’re not ready to showcase it. Customer support is king and this type of marketing blast only frustrates. I won’t buy anything I cannot either hear or demo.

Hey, apologies. I totally agree. There are audio demos on the product page now.

@Nobody Another thing to mention is that this reverb is also inside our synth Current.

Along with demos on the Swarm Reverb product page, you can also have listen to all of the synths presets here:

Any presets with reverb demo the sound of Swarm Reverb.

Also there’s quite a bit of info and sound demos here: Swarm Reverb hands-on: dual-stage reverb with creative extras, now $29 - CDM Create Digital Music

Hope that helps and apologies again!

@ben.minimal Ok, thanks for adding the three demo examples! I thought that it was really weird with no sounds whatsoever.

The price point is good but the specs themselves are not extraordinary compared to the competition of later years, so I think people need extensive examples to be convinced - in particular since you’ve got no way of trying it out for yourself without buying.

@nate.minimal Thanks for the info regarding Current and link to off-site demos. IMHO the Current demo tracks are kind of extreme so there is hard to evaluate the quality of the reverb.

@Nobody Preset Demo Link: