What an exciting day for Minimal Audio!

Compared to a month ago and surely the slog that this has been, I truly wish everyone at Minimal Audio, especially @jake.minimal, a great relaunch of Current and surfing the high that must come with it! Cheers to cutting through the noise, gents!


Agreed. Despite being one of the ones railing against the subscription only model (which I would do again), I actually just signed up for a full year of the all access rent to own instead of buying the perpetual license after trialing things this month.

Everyone wins with the current model! Well done on a great offering, and listening to your customers.


Agreed! And subscription model aside, the synth itself has been a breathe of fresh air! Definitely some things id love to see added before it becomes my primary synth but its a great foundation and im super excited to see where they take it!


Thanks everyone! No worries on the rally against the subscription, the new models are much better, if we had planned better upfront or communicated with everyone, we would have done that up front.

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