Cluster Delay - Ducker intermittently not working

When using the Ducker feature on Cluster Delay, the ducker randomly stops working. I can’t find the exact steps to reproduce, but every so often I notice the delay is no longer ducking at all. Changing the ducker depth by as little as 1% is enough to kick it back on and start ducking again.

I’m using Ableton 11.2 on Windows 11.

Using Cluster Delay v1.0.0r8

Thanks for letting us know! Did you freeze the affected track maybe? We are working on fixing an issue where the ducker stops working when freezing a track. If you can still change the amount that doesn’t sound quite like it but could be related.

Hey @NEO97 apologies for the delay. We ended up fixing a few other issues in addition to this one. You can now download Cluster Delay v1.0.1 from your user account here:

Please let me know if you run into any issues!