Hey from Jake at Minimal

Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining the forum!

Jake here from Minimal Audio – it’s mostly beta testers in here in the private sections of the forum for now, but just thought I’d kick things off in the general / uncategorized space by saying what’s up.

I’m currently in Minneapolis, we’re gonna have people from all over the world in here.

When you have a sec drop a line and let us know who you are / where you’re at and let’s get some discussion going : )




Hey! Andrew Madden here aka Audilepsy. I’m a seasoned tester for numerous companies, mastering engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar being main).

I enjoy mangling sounds and trying to break plug-ins and if I’m not doing this I’m playing playstation. PS4 SN: Audilepsy

Lets talk wild plug-ins and make Minimal be the best it can!!



Amazing man so happy to have you, thanks so much for the helping us, we want Minimal to be great!!

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welcome welcome @Audilepsy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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hey everyone, stoked to be testing out Rift, such a sick plugin from what I’ve seen already. Proud of all of you at Minimal x


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Welcome, Arthur!

Stoked to have you on board.

Hey everyone! Super excited to be on board! Loving RIft so far, and it might be one of my favorite distortion plugins already. Really stoked to start diving in more heavily now that the holidays are over.

Thanks Devin!

Really happy to have you in here :smile:

:wave: howdy ya’ll looking forward to digging in

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Welcome, Jordan!

Stoked to hear what you think.

Hey guys, Joseph here. Finally got to spend some quality time with Rift today, and loving it! Was using it to shape a sub with amazing results. No issues yet, just wanted to drop a line and tell you I am enjoying it. Planning on diving in further this week.


Welcome welcome Joseph :smile:

Glad you are digging it so far!

Let us know how it goes after diving in a bit!

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super excited to try rift when it comes out! have seen a few people streaming it and it looks & sounds fantastic :smile: as for me I’m a recent computer science graduate & hobby bedroom producer

also, super fucking impressed with this browser extension app


Thanks for joining and finding us! Apologies the forum is a bit dead at the moment. Since the whole company is private at the moment everything of substance on the forum is hidden as well.

There were some sick streams with Rift today, we’re all excited by what we’re seeing.

Stay posted here and when Rift goes online public I’ll ping you : )

Congrats on the Comp Sci degree as well!


As Jake mentioned above the public forum doesn’t have much going on right now. We’re hoping to launch around the end of February.

Thanks for joining us. Super stoked that you’re excited to check out Rift!

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no worries! excited to be here early ::slight_smile: and thank you!

Hey, guys! Is Rift gonna be out by the end of the month? Just being inpatient to get my hands dirty hahaha

Hey Joro!

It’s on the way – we had to push it back a month because we decided to add a crazy add step editor which is badass but was a lot to build.

We will 100% be launching a minified free version of the plugin by the end of the month and then Rift a week or two after that.

Really appreciate you checking in and hanging on with us until we get there!



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That’s awesome! Can’t wait! Thank you for getting back at me! :slight_smile: