Rift Delay Lite?

Not a feature but I just realised this would make the Multi Out for Filter or Feedback Dynamics Taming request almost irrelevant. With separate plugins for filter and delay, as well as rift itself … Wow! It’s way too processor intensive to use rift in this way, ie an instance for just delay and another for the distortion and filter say… I’ve maxed out almost every project using rift (it’s too much funs) and I think this would be a massive help for many! I’m not suggesting another freebie but I guess the code is already sitting there so you wouldn’t have to do that much work , right? Lol, that’s a BINGO!



We are interested in breaking the feedback effect out of Rift into another small plugin. I’m not sure if it will happen, but I’m glad to hear you’re interested in it!

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Thanks for the reply Ben,
I’m sure you will all be discussing many options for future as such an inspiring plugin opens up so many possibilities never imagined. If it’s any help, I guess the modulation section added to the filter is in the pipe. ie Filter “not” light. I wonder if the feedback breakout tipping point depends on success of filter? If there’s a long term issue, I would assume it is to do with multi-band development , or not lol … Rift with frequency splitting options as well? I’m pretty sure my machine would explode but it’s the obvious path as a distortion I guess. MIDI pitch conformed feedback loops ??? Now you’re speaking a language I want to learn lol :pray:

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Thank you! Just seen it now :partying_face:
edit: works exactly as expected. Also loving the darkness lol

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